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The Winning Season: 5-Day Savings Challenge

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Microsoft's first attempt to sell a relational database product was during the mid 1980s, when Microsoft obtained the license to sell R:Base.[7] In the late 1980s Microsoft developed its own solution codenamed Omega.[8] It was confirmed in 1988 that a database product for Windows and OS/2 was in development.[9][10] It was going to include the "EB" Embedded Basic language,[8] which was going to be the language for writing macros in all Microsoft applications,[11] but the unification of macro languages did not happen until the introduction of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Omega was also expected to provide a front end to the Microsoft SQL Server.[12] The application was very resource-hungry, and there were reports that it was working slowly on the 386 processors that were available at the time.[13] It was scheduled to be released in the 1st quarter of 1990,[14] but in 1989 the development of the product was reset[7][15] and it was rescheduled to be delivered no sooner than in January 1991.[16] Parts of the project were later used for other Microsoft projects: Cirrus (codename for Access) and Thunder (codename for Visual Basic, where the Embedded Basic engine was used).[7][8] After Access's premiere, the Omega project was demonstrated in 1992 to several journalists and included features that were not available in Access.[17]

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