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My Story

I am Erika J. Kelley, formerly known as Master Sergeant Kelley, with 20 years of experience in leadership, training, coaching and development as a soldier in the military. I am a leader of CONFIDENCE. As a black woman and business owner, I realize that I am a STAMP IN HISTORY, and we will continue to pave the path of legendary women building legendary WOMEN. I am proud of the visionaries that GOD directed to cross my path and will at all times strive to conduct myself with professionalism to bring credit to GOD, my team, and the like-minded clients who trust me with their ideas regardless of race or status. 

Since 2007, I’ve helped thousands of motivated women both military members and entrepreneurs elevate their lives, get promoted, launch brands or start their own business. With years of studying from my mistakes both personal and in business, I now have experience to teach almost anything. I've served my country for 20 years, opened two businesses and I understand what it takes to launch a company from idea to the first sale. I’ve always had strong women influences supporting me towards becoming my own version of success; therefore I take great pleasure in developing women no matter their background on their journey in developing confidence, and building their own business and or personal brand.


“The only war you’re fighting is the one against your old self."

- Erika J. Kelley -

My Mission

My goal is to continue my service to the community and cultivate a positive sister circle around the world that understands that we are stronger as a team. I will be your mentor and confidant, educating you on everything you need to know about not only apparel, but starting your own business or personal brand while building and maintaining it. I will earn your respect and confidence as well as challenge and promote you to NEW LEVELS of excellence. 

My mission is to help you get clear on your:

- Mission

- Strategy

- Circle

- Brand

- Presence

Competence is my watchword. I strive to remain technically, mentally proficient, and AUTHENTIC. I believe that everyone is entitled to strong coaching, mentoring, and accountability; I will provide and assist you with finding your purpose, motivation, and direction. I value knowing my clients and I will always be an ambassador of their personalv brand as much as my own. I will communicate consistently with my clients and never leave them uninformed. I strive to be fair and impartial when recommending, collaborating, and networking around the world.

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